When purchasing a product from HFS, ensure your are purchasing directly from us or our authorized resellers. Products sold by sellers other than the ones listed below are not authorized, do not include the HFS warranty, and are not guaranteed to be HFS quality. If you find a vendor not listed below selling our products please let us know by creating a ticket above.

Please note that resellers may also sell on various online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Newegg, etc. Be sure that the seller within that marketplace is listed below.

Authorized Reseller List:

HFS eBay (PacificSale as seller)
HFS Amazon (Hardware Factory Store, Inc. or Amazon as seller)
Downtown Hydro
The Hydroponic Warehouse - Santa Rosa
TrimScene Solutions

Become an Authorized Reseller

We are always open to new resellers carrying our products through various venues. Make money purchasing our products at discounted wholesale rates and selling at your own price points. If you wish to become an authorized reseller, please contact us by creating a new ticket above.