Paper Cutter Support

This page will help with the most common issues we're asked about with our paper cutters. Some of these issues may be the result of shipping damage (if a cutter is dropped at a weird angle some parts can shift), or just the wear and tear of extended use. If the below guides don't help, please feel free to reach out to us by clicking the blue contact button at the bottom of your screen.

Note: Our cutters comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, however the blade and red cutting stick are specifically not covered. This is due to the blade and knob being sacrificial parts, they will wear out with use and need to be replaced, such as tires on a vehicle. You can read more details about our warranty by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

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• Guide Knob Won't Tighten

If you are having trouble with the guide knob not tightening the issue is most likely that the bolt attached to the knob as stripped. This can be caused by accidentally over-tightening the knob. This knob only needs to be barely tight to hold the guide in place the guide serves no purpose in holding the paper in place while cutting, which is done by the clamp.

1. Look at the end of the channel where the guide knob slides, notice the black plastic cap.
2. Remove the cap. It will be screwed in from the bottom of the cutter, so be sure to remove the screw first.
3. Slide the knob to the end of the channel where you now have access and unscrew the knob all the way, which will allow the square nut to fall off the bolt.
4. Lift the knob out of the channel and either replace the knob, or add some washers so that the knob bolt and square nut engage in a different location that isn't stripped.
5. Hold the square nut to the top of the channel with your finger and screw the knob back into it.
6. Reattach the channel covering


• Blade Leveling Instructions

When the blade is fully down it should be slightly lower in the "back" of the cutter (near the hinge). If it isn't, there is a way to adjust is. First try turning the cutting stick to a fresh side. It can be rotated 8 ways before it needs to be replaced. On the bottom (underneath) of the cutter there are 2 bolts that go horizontally into the side of the cutting stick. Loosen those and push the stick out through the top of the cutter. Turn to a fresh side and put it back into place.

If that doesn't help..

See the videos below for instructions on how to remove the side access panel. Once it's off, follow these steps:

Look at the back end of the cutter (where the hinge is) and you will see a silver metal plate with three bolts aligned vertically. Loosen the top and bottom bolt only, also note at the top of the silver plate there is a small set screw. Adjust the entire silver plate (which will move the entire hinge) up and down to adjust the angle of the blade on the red cutting stick. It should contact the back of the cutting stick first, and still be -1/16-1/8" or so away from touching in the front.

The assembly may be hard to move at first, since it's been bolted in place from the factory. Often you can use a screwdriver or pry bar to get it to start moving. Loosening the middle bolt on the silver plate may help as well, though it usually isn't necessary. 

• Replace Cutting Stick

The cutting stick is the red surface that the blade contacts during the cutting process. Eventually the blade will cause a deep groove in the cutting stick which will cause issues with cutting the last few sheets of paper, what that happens it needs to be rotated or replaced. Each side of the stick can be used twice by flipping the stick length-wise, then you can rotate to a fresh side of the stick for 8 usable areas total.

1. Turn the cutter upside down
2. Locate two screws that go horizontally into the cutting stick
3. Loosen the screws, then push the stick out through the top of the cutter
4. Replace the stick with a fresh side under the blade
5. Tighten the screws back in (not too hard, you don't want to make indentations in the stick


• General How-To Operate Video

The first video below shows the basic operation of the paper cutter. Please note this was filmed on an older model and some design changes have been made since then.



• Seized Clamp Repair

The video below shows what to do in the event that your clamp becomes seized, which won't allow it to move up or down. It is a simple repair and only takes a couple minutes to complete.



• Level Clamp Repair

The video below shows how to adjust the clamp so that it is level. It also covers removing the blade for sharpening and replacing. NOTE: The blade splint has been changed and is now the lid portion of the tool box. See photos below.



• Uneven Paper Cuts

In the event that a cutter was mistakenly dropped, or by some other means knocked out of true, there is a way to realign the blade. The video below shows how this is done, by adding washers to either side of the blade to end up with a straight cut. 

Note: If you just received your cutter and it is not true please contact us. We consider this a valid warranty claim if submitted within two weeks of receiving the cutter, as the tweak may have been a result of shipping damage. Claims received after that period may not be honored at HFS' sole discretion, as the tweak may have been the result of accidental end-user damage.



• Design Changes

DESIGN UPDATE /1/2016: Toolbox & Blade Holder
There has been a design change with our cutters. The movable file now has a built-in tool box which holds the extra screws and allen wrench for the cutter. The lid for the toolbox now acts as the blade holder. See photos below:


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